Thinking mobility differently

Themed exhibition at Klimaschaufenster Erlangen

Sustainability meets Old Town and the Lesecafé invite you to the new exhibition “Thinking Mobility Differently” at Klimaschaufenster.

Who actually owns the space in cities? How can I make my daily journeys in a climate-friendly way – even if I have more to transport? Who decides what a streetcar stop looks like?

In the new exhibition in the Climate Window, visitors are invited to think about mobility differently and to question urban design. Among other things, models from the planning workshop for the Stadt-Umland-Bahn, which children built in various workshops with the Stadtjugendring, are on display.

The focus of the exhibition is the artwork Crossing III by Hartmut Kiewert. Since 2008, the artist has been dealing with the social human-animal relationship in his paintings. With his artworks from the Animal Utopia series, he also addresses the design of our urban spaces and interprets the motto “Reclaim the Streets” in his own unique way.

In an Erlangen mobility exhibition, the topic of bicycles must not be missing, of course. The ADFC will also be present, and the bicycle representative of the city of Erlangen, Holger Schmidt, will answer questions about bicycle lanes, cargo bikes, traffic safety, and the benefits of cycling for climate and health in his office hour on Thursday, September 5 from 3 to 5 pm.

Climate window
Hauptstraße 55 (Altstadtmarktpassage)
91054 Erlangen

Duration of exhibition
04 – 28 August 2021

Opening hours
Wed. – Sat: 12 – 18 h
29 August (Poets’ Festival Sunday): 10 – 14 h.



“To identify with others is to see something of yourself in them and to see something of them in yourself – even if the only thing you identify with is the desire to be free from suffering.”

― Melanie Joy

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