After “mensch_tier” (2012) and ANIMAL UTOPIA (2017), MULTISPECIES FUTURES* is the third book about my artistic work with a focus on the works created between 2017 and the beginning of 2024.

With texts by Hilal Sezgin and Marco Hompes
Translation into English by Ariane Kossack
Published by Galerie KK Klaus Kiefer, Essen
Design and typesetting by Hartmut Kiewert
160 pages
184 color illustrations
215 x 297 mm
hardcover/thread binding
vegan certified print product
ISBN 978-3-9801366-5-5

1st edition 500 copies, 2024

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The book “Hartmut Kiewert – MULTISPECIES FUTURES*” – Perspectives of a new human-animal relationship II” in 215 x 297 mm format shows on 160 pages with 184 illustrations in color a large selection of my paintings from the last 13 years with a focus on the works that were created between 2017 and the beginning of 2024. With texts by animal ethicist, freelance author and farmed animal sanctury operator Hilal Sezgin and art historian and director of Kunstmuseum Heidenheim Marco Hompes. Translated into English by Ariane Kossack. Published by Galerie KK Klaus Kiefer from Essen, with whom I have worked well for many years. As with my previous books, I did the design and typesetting myself. It was printed and bound by oeding print in Braunschweig. The printing and overall production process is vegan certified.

In Hartmut KiewertÔÇÖs Multispecies Futures*, the human-animal relationship is no longer characterised by objectification and exploitation, but by empathy, connection and solidarity. The Leipzig-based painter shows possible future scenarios in which pigs, cows and chickens, freed from fattening facilities and slaughterhouses, conquer parks, shopping malls and streets. The animal industry is ruined and humans and non-human animals meet on equal footing. The latter are recognized as subjects of their own lives and are co-creators of a possible socially and climate-just world.