Tierliche Utopien – panel discussion with Hilal Sezgin, Friederike Schmitz & Hartmut Kiewert

08.10.2022, 7 pm
Hamburg, Zinnschmelze (Maurienstr. 19)

HART #6: Panel discussion with Hilal Sezgin, Friederike Schmitz & Hartmut Kiewert

NOTE: The panel will be in German only!

Animal Utopias

Pigs walk through car-free, multispecies inner cities. Agriculture has been converted to organic-vegan. The concept of living farms has become generalized and non-human animals, which were formerly domesticated, are free to choose whether they want to live with humans or prefer to retreat to the now far more diverse and forested countryside surrounding human settlements and cities.

Writer Hilal Sezgin, philosopher Friederike Schmitz and artist Hartmut Kiewert will discuss possible scenarios of a multispecies society and the transformation towards it.


About HART:

What are the most pressing concerns of the animal rights movement? What is the evolution of international activism? And where are opportunities for future progress?

This series of events provides answers: diverse, concrete and practical. Experienced animal rights activists report here at regular intervals on successful projects and campaigns, on promising approaches and strategies.

Their lectures and workshops, as well as current films, serve as a knowledge pool and stimulus for all those who want to stand up for animal rights.

The Hamburg Animal Rights Talks are a joint offer of Animal Rights Watch e.V. (ARIWA), Komplex Tier and independent activists.


Contribution towards expenses:
We ask for a contribution to cover the costs (travel of the speakers, room rental, catering, etc.) on the basis of a voluntary contribution to expenses according to the solidarity principle. The amount can be paid at the entrance.

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“The position that non-human animals occupy in our cultural imagination is proof for how easy it is to accept the lower status of some beings without even a second thought.”

― Aph Ko

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