»Schweinezyklus« – Exhibition at Lesecafé Anständig essen, Erlangen




The main theme in Hartmut Kiewert’s artwork is the human animal relationship and dominion questioning perspectives on this relationship. The dominion questioning aspect appears not directly, but on the second view. On a briefly glimpse the paintings seem to show idyllic animal nature scenes. On a second sight you realise overgrown ruins of former animal exploitation institutions in the background of the images ­– and you realise, that these are scenes of an utopian idyll.

The exhibition runs from June 1th until September 4th.

Lesecafé Anständig essen
Hauptstraße 55
91054 Erlangen

Opening hours in June:

Monday, 9th June 2014, 10 – 13 h
Saturday, 14th June 2014, 17 – 21 h
Tuesday, 17th June 2014, 17 – 21 h
Saturday, 21th June 2014, 11:30 – 20:30 h
Sunday, 22th June 2014, 10 – 15:30 h
Wednesday, 25th June 2014, 17 – 21 h
Saturday, 28th June 2014, 11:30 – 20:30 h


“To identify with others is to see something of yourself in them and to see something of them in yourself – even if the only thing you identify with is the desire to be free from suffering.”

― Melanie Joy

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