Lange Nacht der Museen Ludwigshafen, KulTurm

Hartmut Kiewert Roland Straller Franz Albert

20. April 2013 • 19 – 02 Uhr KulTurm  Rollesstrasse 14  67063 Ludwigshafen


Horse meat in lasagna, poison in animal feed, rotten meat in the refrigerated counter? Food scandals raise questions about the good life. People want healthy food and that the “farm animals” kept for it had a decent life.

But the scandals that regularly come to light are only the tip of the iceberg, and only from an anthropocentric perspective. There is no good life for animals in the so-called food processing industry. They are de-subjectified in this system, turned into production factors and killed by the billions.

Wouldn’t it be time to demand a good life – for humans and for animals?

This is at least the position of the artists Hartmut Kiewert and Roland Straller. Together with metal sculptures by Franz Albert, the kulTurm is showing their latest works for the Long Night of Museums under the title LIFE AND LET LIFE.

In the works of the painter Hartmut Kiewert, the utopia of a society free of animal exploitation makes its way into the picture. Liberated from the fattening facilities, pigs enter the pictorial space. Brachial, but not without subtle humor presented, are also works that address the origin of schnitzel and milkshake.
The omnipresent artarrogance of man – speciesism – is also reflected by Roland Straller with his new series HUMAN ANIMALS. Among other things, the works show what it would be like if we humans were treated by animals the way we treat them. In addition to fine art prints of his digital drawings, pencil sketches will also be on display.

Outside, the public can expect to see the 6m-high kinetically balanced sculpture “Balance” by metal artist Franz Albert. Questions of balance and equilibrium in a world out of joint are renegotiated in a time-critical manner.
The works are shown to visitors on a varied tour of the historic 53-meter-high water tower. The viewing platform “Ufosection” with a view of the sea of lights of the cities of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim offers an additional highlight and a breather between the not always easily digestible works of art.

To linger in the lounge invites the musician Mareeya together with her band and a sound between soul, R’n’B, pop and jazz.

April 20, 2013 – from 7 – 02 p.m. – kulTurm – Rollesstrasse 14 – 67063 Ludwigshafen

Rollesstrasse 14
67063 Ludwigshafen


“The position that non-human animals occupy in our cultural imagination is proof for how easy it is to accept the lower status of some beings without even a second thought.”

― Aph Ko

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