»Großes Picknick«, in progress…

Work in progress: my (untill now) largest painting on canvas (300 x 480 cm):

großes picknick_in progress6_web

großes picknick_in progress5_web

großes picknick_in progress2web

großes picknick_in progress


“To identify with others is to see something of yourself in them and to see something of them in yourself – even if the only thing you identify with is the desire to be free from suffering.”

― Melanie Joy

current & upcoming shows

19.03. – 16.07.2023:
Fantastische Tierwelten, Kunstmuseum Heidenheim

23.03. – 23.04.2023:
art meets meat, Kunsthalle Trier

10.06. – 01.10.2023:
Ostrale, Dresden